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annasladkay - 29, Kharkov, Ukraine
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Yas 29
My qualities are
Open, Sensitive, aktif, Conservative, Creative, Faithful, nazik , Sportive
Soul of the party
My first date with you
mum isiginda bir aksam yemegi
Kanimi kaynatan seyler
Mum ve kirmizi sarap esliginde köpük banyosu
My hobbies
boy 165
kilo 48
göz rengi yeşil
Hair color Black
medeni hali Single
Children hayir
Smoker hayir
Drinker Never
I am here for iliski
Spoken languages -

About me

I'm combination or cocktail of ice and fire ! Elegant, subtile, a bit
reserved, but passionate and very open to new dialogues and new people
! I'm patient, but determined and never give up !i will always be a
new person to you and you will admire me every morning, day, dawn and
night being always surprized by new discoveries and little things with
me all the time !

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