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goodd1121 - 30, brussels, Belgium
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Yas 30
My qualities are
I don't like parties
My first date with you
mum isiginda bir aksam yemegi
Kanimi kaynatan seyler
Mum ve kirmizi sarap esliginde köpük banyosu
My hobbies
boy 162
kilo 79
göz rengi Black
Hair color Black
medeni hali Single
Children hayir
Smoker hayir
Drinker Never
I am here for Flört
Spoken languages -

About me

Looking for an activity partner (in crime) for stuff like camping, fishing, the coast, and the mountains, swimming, cooking, watching movies and whatever else seems like a good idea. Seems like it would be easy enough to find someone who likes to do those kinds of things, but easier said than done.
I love the outdoors but its more fun to explore and share the experience with someone else.for more info at gmail....karydaniels1987@gmail.com

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