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kongeire - 34, Copenhagen , Denmark
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Yas 34
My qualities are
Open, Romantic, Sensitive, aktif, Animal Lover, koruyucu , Communicative, Creative, nazik , caliskan , Helpful, dürüst , Humorous
I don't like parties
My first date with you
mum isiginda bir aksam yemegi
Kanimi kaynatan seyler
Mum ve kirmizi sarap esliginde köpük banyosu
My hobbies
boy 120
kilo 55
göz rengi kahverengi
Hair color kahverengi
medeni hali Single
Children hayir
Smoker hayir
Drinker bazen
I am here for iliski
Spoken languages -

About me

I can be very romantic,loving,understanding girl with full of potential and determination to make things work fine in my life..I'm new on this platform and not here to waste anyone time and not expect anyone here to come to my page if you are looking for sex or you have No ideal of what you are looking for..
I'm here in search for genuine man that worth giving my love and care for. A man of his word and better understanding on how to hold a good relationship works...if you are here for sex or naked pictures sharing. Find your way out of my page before i get you blocked...life is beautiful when you have true love in your life and that is the main reason why i joined this site...

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